Vets 2 Success

Vets 2 Success began not long after the founder, Bryan Jacobs, lost his brother to Veteran Suicide. As a Veteran himself, Bryan knew first-hand the difficult transition to a civilian life and workforce. Bryan told us he realized he couldn’t save his brother, but as he found a passion for the culinary arts and trade, he ended up saving himself. He became determined to help other people this way too, and so Vets 2 Success was born.


Vets 2 Success offers Culinary Boot Camps for Veterans appealing to different interests and culinary industry skills. They offer an agricultural initiative where every Veteran that joins plants, grows, and then harvests their own ingredients to later use in recipes they learn along the way. Vets 2 Success is proud to boast a 100% job placement rate of its trainees.


For the first time, we were asked to help a cause break into the Tampa Bay market. Vets 2 Success experienced a lot of success in Sarasota, a city an hour outside of Tampa, but saw a need for their resources in the Tampa Bay Area and so did this year’s Ad 2 Tampa Bay Public Service Committee.


We formed the following objectives:

  1. Authentically and transparently introduce Vets 2 Success to Tampa Bay.
  2. Establish Tampa connections for resource, venue, and monetary donations needed to launch the first Vets 2 Success program in Tampa.


We utilized placements like outdoor billboards, print ads, radio, etc. as general awareness vehicles to inform and present a call to action to Tampa Bay to help bring Vets 2 Success’ program to our community. Influencer campaign tactics were also used to galvanize our first two target audiences within the Tampa Bay Foodie community to champion the cause. One local Tampa Foodie Influencer @thisbabeeats helped spread our message to the Instagram page’s 40K+ followers.


Finally, our team conducted a brand refresh that reflected the legitimacy that its operations already had, as well as a website reimagining to better communicate its mission and provide the opportunity for online donations because there was none.


Results Attained/Campaign Value


Rebrand          $27,000

Campaign        $26,250

Production      $20,400

Media              $27,610

Total Value      $101,260


Cost to VETS2SUCCESS: $0


To learn more about VETS2SUCCESS, click here.

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