Tampa Bay's Advertising Week

We’re back with Tampa Bay Advertising Week, excited to celebrate our industry and its contribution to the growth of the city we love. 

Throughout the week, kick back with us and join in on the conversations we’ll be having during our two featured events listed below. 

The Sunshine State of Tourism

Tuesday, April 26th / 6:30PM – 8:00PM / Virtual

Tourism is vital to Florida’s economy, generating income and providing jobs for many in the community. Advertising plays a key role in the equation of driving in-state tourism, highlighting our state and our communities’ best parts to intrigue others to join in on the fun. In this talk, we hear from leaders in the industry about advertising’s role in driving tourism and its influence on the community.

Role Models: Inclusivity in Advertising

Thursday, April 28th / 6:30PM – 8:30PM / Rūmbo

Equality and representation are increasingly and rightfully at the forefront of societal conversations today. Advertising can be a powerful vehicle of change if instead of mirroring society, it decides to present ideas and viewpoints that inspire a change of thought and action. In this talk, we speak with members of our community that strive to do just that: do their part in ensuring there is true representation in advertising today.

Experience Tampa Bay

Week-Long Online Raffle

The Tampa Bay area has long been admired for its sunny disposition and treasured for its catalog of unique experiences. In partnership with the area’s hottest happenings, Ad 2 Tampa Bay is providing you with the opportunity to win big. 

Raffle tickets are available for purchase all week long – the winners are to be announced on social media the following week. 100% of the proceeds will benefit our incredible Public Service team and their journey to the Ad 2 National Public Service Competition.

$1 = 1 Raffle Ticket

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