We Got Your Back

We're looking for our next passion project!

Each year, Ad 2 Tampa Bay runs a completely pro bono advertising campaign for a local nonprofit in need. We work alongside this nonprofit for one year to spread the word about their organization, raise donations, and so much more. Our client gets to learn the ins and outs of an advertising campaign while our team gets to use their craft to give back..

Step 1.

Apply or Nominate

Tell us your story, or about a non-profit you think is deserving of our services. We’re eager to hear about what these organizations are doing for our Tampa community and how we can Ad 2 The Cause

Step 2


We select 3 to 4 nonprofits to present their campaign needs to our team.

Step 3


Finally, we announce the winner for Ad 2 the Cause's pro-bono campaign.


Ad 2 the Cause with Us.

We’re looking for our next nonprofit to support but we can’t do it without your help. Please submit your nonprofit’s info below or nominate a nonprofit you’re passionate about. Those nominating non-profits can provide the organization’s basic information and best point of contact. For non-profits applying directly, be sure to fill out the form to the best of your abilities. The more details we know about you and your mission, the stronger your application will be.

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