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There are 206,841 students in the  Hillsborough county public school system, and more than half are eligible for free or reduced meals. Some reasons a student may qualify for free or reduced meals could be having household incomes that fall near or below Federal income poverty guidelines, currently living in a foster home, homelessness, migrant, or a runaway. Students that are qualified for free or reduced meals are also qualified for OASIS Opportunities services. OASIS provides essentials such as clothes, shoes, hygiene items and more to Hillsborough County students in need.

OASIS partners with schools and School Social Workers (SSWs) in Hillsborough County to provide students in need with essentials free of charge. When a teacher identities a student in need they reach out to their SSW who then can reach out to OASIS to obtain necessary items at zero cost.

OASIS has been in business since 2001, but since 2006 has had stagnant growth. There were many students in Hillsborough county OASIS was missing out on serving due to lack of awareness within the school system and among Hillsborough County SSWs. We also found a major challenge for OASIS was lack of time and resources from SSWs.


After meeting with OASIS to discuss their challenges and hopes for our campaign, Ad 2 Tampa Bay’s 2020-2021 Public Service Committee developed and executed a campaign focused on updating branding and raising local awareness.

 Our campaign had three goals: 

  1. Increase the number of students served by 150
  2. Increase website traffic by 5%
  3. Increase social media engagement by 5%

Our team created an entire new brand kit for OASIS that included new colors, new logos, and even a new name: from OASIS Network to OASIS Opportunities. We developed an entire new website with a fresh look and easy to use interface. We created forms through this new website for SSWs and teachers to easily request OASIS Services online. We updated branding across social media platforms and created 12 organic social posts to increased engagement. We promoted our campaign through email campaigns, a billboard placement, a radio advertisement, display advertisements, and a Facebook campaign.

Through our campaign efforts we increased weekly website visits by 32%, overall social media growth by 3.5%, students served by 562.


Estimated Value of Campaign: $101,690

Cost to OASIS Opportunities: $0


To learn more about OASIS Opportunities visit their website or follow their social media pages:





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