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The mission of the Ad 2 Tampa Bay is to promote an enriching and supportive environment that allows all members to thrive and succeed. It is important to us that diversity, equity and inclusion be integrated into the work we do every day. We want to give everyone an opportunity to have their voice heard, receive support and feel empowered. Our key focus is to provide a place for all young marketing and advertising professionals to see their value, find their path and embrace their differences and skills. We strive to continue to bring change and innovative ideas to our industry and community.

We recognize the need for diversity in advertising.

We don’t shy away from the truth that our industry can do better when it comes to diversity and inclusivity. The first step in addressing this is talking about it. Every year, we hold diversity initiatives, like UNDIVIDED, where we advocate for honest, open discussion and hold ourselves and our community accountable in order to make inclusivity a standard.


Advocate for change with us

Help us bring a more representative picture to advertising. Have some ideas or a topic you’d like to share at our next event? We’d love to hear from you and work together for equity in the industry.

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