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Her Tomorrow

Acceptance. Life. Purpose. Hope. Accomplishment. Founded nearly 40 years ago, ALPHA House of Pinellas County exists to provide housing and supportive services to women who are homeless and pregnant. As the numbers of underserved mothers increases, so does the funding required to continue operations at ALPHA House. The Ad 2 Tampa Bay Public Service Committee saw a clear opportunity to assist this local organization in their goal of an adequately, consistently-funded ALPHA House in Pinellas County.

And so was born the Her Tomorrow Public Service campaign with the goal of expanding ALPHA House’s fundraising efforts through community outreach to individuals, and establish partnerships with surrounding businesses.

The Her Tomorrow campaign was developed to shine a light on the pervasiveness of pregnant women experiencing homelessness in Tampa Bay, how these circumstances are exacerbated by trauma, mental health conditions, and abuse, and finally how this translates to disadvantaged children being raised in the world.


Her Tomorrow campaign synopsis: Pregnant women experiencing homelessness is still a pervasive issue in Pinellas County, where 65% of these women never earn enough money to cross the poverty line and adequately care for their child. The purpose of ALPHA House of Pinellas County is to create a safe home for mothers, a sustainable set of tools to care for her child, and the means to make it on her own in the future. Contributions to ALPHA House do more than provide temporary housing and meals; they empower women for a lifetime of dignified, meaningful motherhood. The Her Tomorrow campaign is a call to action to serve those mothers in Pinellas County experiencing homelessness, and to enable a future for them and their children that is inspiring, limitless, and unwritten.



Results Attained/Campaign Value

Media Value: $60k

Hours donated: $115,000

Monetary donations: $14,650

Donated Supplies: $860

Overall: $190,500

Cost to Alpha House and Ad 2 Tampa Bay: $0



To learn more about ALPHA House of Pinellas County, click here.

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