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Sleep Is Overrated Anyway

Competition, Real World Experience, and Making Ads; what more could an advertising student ask for? After launching the first Advertising Sprint in December (2020) it is safe to say this event was a success! Teams gathered on Zoom to compete in a 24-hour sprint to generate a winter campaign for a young Tampa company.

Through my experience in the Ad Sprint, it is exactly how it sounds, a sprint…

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In only one day you are on the clock but with proper management and teamwork the stress can be rather minute. Having full rein over a campaign is extremely exciting and you are able to see a glimpse of what your future may look like. It is a competition so make sure every detail is perfect and know you have a campaign that a company cannot pass on. If you are yet to find your path in the industry this is your chance to try out different roles: Designer, Writer, Strategist, or Account Exec. Ultimately, the Advertising sprint is a lot of fun and a must for any passion ad. loving student or young professional.

As a former competitor and winner, I can assure all future students and young professionals this event is worth the price of admission… NOTHING! The Advertising Sprint is FREE for AD2 Tampa Bay members, it is however only $5 for non-members. So, for just a small price is it really worth missing out on? Along with the satisfaction of creating campaigns you get to boost your resume and portfolio while gaining the experience of an agency environment. This event is a great space to experiment, learn your strengths and weaknesses, pitch campaigns to clients, and improve your skills.




-Matthew Gross


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